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Last updated: September 13, 2016

Christopher Cunningham (b.1988) is an artist based in Chicago. He studied at Corcoran College of Art and Design, and has since worked as a fine art framer for two years, and served as a fine art digital print technician for four years. His skills as a designer, publisher, and printer have led to many collaborations for the production of projects and in 2010 he began to take on clients. Chris has built relationships with independent artists, galleries, museums, and cultural institutions, consulting and producing print and publication products under the moniker Greater Print Solutions or GPS (B).

His work (A) addresses accelerationist philosophy, specifically focused in effects on communication. His studies on photography have influenced his practice in photographing, exploring digital image archives, and research surrounding the image's role in contemporary culture.         Enjoy!

Dead Painting
Natural Amphitheater
A Handful Of Dust
North Capitol
Digital Illustrations

 Acts 12: 6–9
 Ryan Lowry Portfolio
 Blanche On The Lam
 The Interludes
 Plan To Strike
 1 NE 3 F Boyers, PA
 SAIC MFA Photo Catalog 2016
SAIC MFA Photo Catalog 2015
 Mike Andrews Client Proposal
 Paradise Lost